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Auditing a company's level of preparation to begin marketing can provide several valuable benefits, helping ensure that marketing efforts are effective and efficient. Here are some of the key reasons why conducting such an audit is valuable:

Alignment with Business Goals

An audit helps ensure that the company's marketing strategies and tactics align with its overall business goals and objectives. It ensures that marketing efforts are focused on driving outcomes that matter to the company, such as revenue growth, customer acquisition, or brand awareness.

Resource Allocation

By assessing the company's marketing readiness, you can determine whether it has the necessary resources, including budget, personnel, and technology, to execute its marketing plans effectively. This enables better resource allocation and prevents wastage.

Market Research

An audit can involve conducting or reviewing market research to understand customer needs, preferences, and behaviors. This insight is crucial for developing marketing campaigns that resonate with the target audience.

Competitive Analysis: Evaluating the competition is an essential aspect of marketing preparation. An audit can help identify competitors' strengths and weaknesses, enabling the company to position itself effectively in the market.

Brand Consistency

This ensures that the company's messaging, branding, and visual identity are consistent across all marketing channels and materials. Consistency helps build brand recognition and trust.

Compliance and Legal Considerations

Auditing can uncover any potential legal or compliance issues related to marketing activities, ensuring that the company operates within the bounds of relevant regulations and laws.

Technology and Tools

Assessing the company's marketing technology stack and tools can reveal whether it has the necessary tools to execute marketing campaigns efficiently, track performance, and analyze data.

Ideal Customer Avatar Definition

An audit can help refine and define the company's target audience, ensuring that marketing efforts are directed at the most relevant and profitable customer segments.

Content and Messaging

It assesses the quality and relevance of the content and messaging used in marketing materials, ensuring that they resonate with the audience and convey the intended message effectively.

Measurement and Analytics

Auditing the company's analytics and measurement capabilities ensures that it can track and evaluate the success of marketing campaigns, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

Risk Mitigation

By identifying potential risks and challenges in the marketing process, an audit allows the company to develop contingency plans and strategies to mitigate these risks.


Regular marketing audits lead to continuous improvement in marketing strategies and tactics, helping the company adapt to changing market conditions and consumer behaviors.

In summary, auditing helps ensure that marketing efforts are effective and efficient.

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The Brandom™ Market-Ready Audit is a result of our 30+ years of experience in guiding and serving grow-minded founders and entrepreneurs. The Audit was devised to quickly illustrate the breadth of preparation that is needed. Very often, we are consulted in a $1,000 Brandstorm to identify and “fix” one communication or system issue. The Audit can identify 10’s of issues that may be limiting or preventing your marketing efforts from being successful. This is our way of increasing the value of a Brandstorm. Everyone who completes the Brandom™ Market-Ready Audit will receive one hour to review the results and generate an action plan.

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