Filled with desire. Yearning for change. Longing for help.

Welcome to Brandom™ – a modern strategic brand and marketing agency designed exclusively for visionary founders and entrepreneurs. Born from the award-winning creative minds behind BrandU® and the renowned Verve Integrative agency, Brandom™ offers a unique blend of tangible, full-service expertise, wrapped in personalized business coaching that will leave you inspired and clear.

Imagine a world where your brand isn't just a name but a captivating experience that fascinates your customers. Brandom™ specializes in meticulously crafting brands that deeply resonate with your audience, developing campaigns that meet your goals, and thought leadership marketing that delivers reliable results. But we don't stop there. Brandom™ is your dedicated path to becoming a recognized leader in your industry and turning that recognition back into strategic business growth.

We're not just a service; we're partners in growing your business. Through the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, we're right there with you—offering tangible guidance, unwavering support, and dependable results to accomplish your goals. Think of us as your one-stop growth marketing agency. 

With Brandom™ your brand's certainty begins today.

There comes a time when you realize you can’t get ‘there’ alone.

In the quiet moments, when the hustle of the day finally subsides, you find yourself alone with the dream that ignited your journey. The vision that once burned so brightly in your heart still flickers but is obscured by the relentless grind of keeping your business afloat. You started your business with an unwavering belief in the impact it can have on your customers' lives and the freedom it can provide for you and your family. As you navigate the labyrinth of decisions and challenges day in and day out, you realize that you're adrift in uncharted waters, grappling with the vast unknown, and feeling very uncertain.

For all your experience, you realize that you don’t know what you don’t know. Loneliness creeps in as you yearn for a trusted team, for reliable guidance from those who've walked this path before. Loneliness in entrepreneurship is very real. You know you can't reach the lofty destination of your vision alone. What you long for is trusted guidance and an expert who not only has real experience but also someone you feel safe with. And if you were being honest with yourself, you’d want a whole team of experts who share their wisdom, who can help lift the burden of things that aren’t your expertise, freeing you to excel in what you do best. You crave partnership with someone who understands the depths of your goals, and who knows how to guide your visionary ambition, positioning you to be known for the profound impact you set out to achieve. With Brandom™, you can turn your vision into reality, and be a beacon of change in a world that needs it now. You don’t have to do it alone.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Real-world, real growth, real experience at your fingertips.

Hands-on Coaching

At Brandom™, we understand that navigating the complex world of brand creation, business growth, marketing, and being the leader in your business can often feel like a daunting and bewildering journey. That's why we offer more than just agency services. Over the past 30 years of working with our agency clients, we have learned the areas where they get stuck and how to unstuck them quickly so that they can stay focused on building and growing their business. We provide hands-on business coaching and real-growth mentorship that serves as your guiding light through uncertainty. Our passionate team of experts is dedicated to breaking down the barriers that can make these endeavors overwhelming. We're committed to simplifying the process of business growth, helping you uncover clarity amidst the confusion, and building a roadmap to your success. We don't just hand you a plan; we roll up our sleeves and work side by side with you, offering emotional support and actionable insights every step of the way. With Brandom™, you won't just survive the challenges of business; you will thrive armed with the knowledge and confidence needed to lead your business growth into a certain future.

Process-led Guidance

At Brandom™, our mission is to demystify the journey of business and brand development, guiding you through every step with a carefully crafted process that's rooted in vision, legacy, and market potential. We understand that the path to success can often seem shrouded in uncertainty, which is why we're here to shine a light on your unique journey. From the inception of your vision to the realization of your legacy, we'll help you navigate the complexities of idea clarification, market potential, product development, and lead generation. We drill into the details: market research, business model, market development, and developing your brand with unshakable clarity. Our science-backed, process-led guidance is designed to empower you with clarity and confidence, giving you immediate feedback and results so that you can confidently make the decisions that drive your business forward. Whether you're launching a new product or refining your offers, creating a new brand or strengthening an existing one, building an active email list, or establishing your brand in the market, our guidance and strategic insights will be your steadfast companions beside you every step of the way.

Award-winning Creative

Brandom™ takes immense pride in our award-winning creative services that encompass every facet of your brand's visual and digital identity. From crafting captivating logos that symbolize your essence to designing visually stunning websites that tell your story, we ensure your brand's presence is not just impactful but unforgettable. Our talented team of creatives, strategists, and writers dig in deep to the truth of your brand and craft a compelling, experiential story that drives your positioning, leads, and sales. In the ever-evolving realm of social media, we're your creative muse, building strategies and content that engage, inspire, and ignite conversations with your prospects and customers. Our campaign development and implementation breathe life into your brand's narrative and empower you with the pride of knowing that customers will see your brand as you feel it can be. With Brandom™, your brand's creative journey isn't just about design; it's about evoking emotions, forging connections, and leaving an indelible mark. We're not just a creative agency; we're your partners in crafting a visual and experiential masterpiece that tells your brand’s unique story of change to the world and in turn, consistently grows your business.

Persistent Marketing

We understand that marketing today can often seem like a crapshoot. A bottomless money pit that leaves you with nothing but emotional baggage. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Marketing is critical to business success. Once you’ve launched your product or service, marketing is easily 85% of your efforts to be sustainable and successful. At Brandom™, we've redefined marketing and positioning with our groundbreaking 3-phase on-point approach that sets you apart as the unrivaled solution. Our method is not just unique; it's a game-changer. In phase one, we start with establishing your voice and ideas organically to generate immediate trust and desire. We don't just want you to be noticed; we want you to be the go-to solution for knowledge that your audience craves. In phase two, we foster a closer relationship between you and your potential customers to the point that they crave being in your universe. In the third phase, we implement our strategy to generate specific short-term goals. Our approach is more than marketing; it's creating an emotional journey that forges connections, instills trust, and propels you to the forefront of your field. Your gift to the world deserves nothing less. Driving all of these phases and in fact, your entire marketing strategy and business growth is what we refer to as thought-leadership marketing. It’s not becoming a thought leader for ego, it’s mining your unique solution for change and turning it into a platform that catapults you and your business growth for sustainable good.

All the support you need to create, grow, and fulfill your business.

A light through the unknown.

In the solitude of your morning ritual, clutching your coffee like a lifeline, the weight of your business rests firmly on your shoulders. It's all on you to succeed. Day by day, you navigate the labyrinth of decisions, yearning for a guiding light amidst the chaos. You know in your heart you have something that your clients, no, the world, needs. Day after day, month after month, year after year, you show up full of belief, armed with your depth of experience and unique way of providing a solution. But today, you are not so full. You yearn for someone to inspire you and provide you with tangible guidance to grow. If you had a magic wand, you would use it to call in a fairy godmother. How about a muse instead?

Introducing Brandom™ Muse pocket coaching with bite-sized, actionable wisdom delivered right to you every week from your brand muse.

Imagine having a mentor who understands the unique challenges you face and is dedicated to helping you flourish. Meet Kim Castle, the co-founder of Brandom™, co-creator of BrandU®, and an award-winning Creative Director—your brand muse. For over three decades, Kim Castle has been at the forefront of advertising and marketing trends. She's not just a business mentor; she's a visionary who understands the heart and soul of brand creation—from the business side AND the prospect side.

Kim was the pioneer who introduced the concept of brand development to small businesses and entrepreneurs two decades ago. With BrandU®, she ignited a global desire for brand development at the small business level that continues to burn bright. She has been the guiding star for over 30,000 entrepreneurs, inspiring them to dream bigger, communicate their business message more effectively, and set their sights higher. Today, she offers a light-filled lifeline to those seeking reliability in uncertain times.

With Muse, you'll receive more than just practical tips. Kim’s musings will help you navigate the confusion that often clouds the path to growth and sustainability. Through Muse, you'll find inspiration that resonates with your soul, aha moments that light your way, and guidance that keeps you connected to your unique journey. This FREE program begins soon. Be first to get your Muse as soon as it is ready.

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Develop the skills to lead your business for good.

Are you a founder or entrepreneur navigating the labyrinth of business decisions alone? Does the weight of it all sometimes feel overwhelming? We understand. In addition to being entrepreneurs ourselves for the past 30 years, we’ve helped over 30,000 entrepreneurs refine their businesses, develop their brands, and become laser-clear on their path to successful business leadership. We know firsthand the things that can get in your way, trip you up, and make it difficult to move your business forward. Decision-making. Concern. Fear. Threading the financial needle. Moving quickly without compromising your values. Keeping your health and sanity intact while you turn the unseen into reality.

Introducing Influence, our monthly coaching & mentoring program for growth-minded founders and entrepreneurs who yearn for guidance and collaboration.

Each month, you will fortify your ability to lead your business without hustle, without overwhelm, and without the relentless burden of making all the decisions alone. You will develop the capacity to become a confident leader in your business, a compelling light in your industry, and effect change in your customers' lives by owning your power as a thought leader with authority. You will know what it means to create certainty.

Discover if Influence is right for you.

By providing your phone number, you agree to receive text messages from Brandom™. Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency varies.

Sometimes, you just want someone to sit down beside you, push up their sleeves, and help right now.

Have you ever felt like your business is on the edge of something amazing but can't quite make the leap? Brandstorm is your key to unlocking that potential. It's a 60-minute one-on-one private conversation with a 30+ year brand creation and marketing expert to focus on any area of business concern. Laser focus on an issue or obstacle you maybe facing. It's a perfect way to get an expert at your fingertips without any long-term commitment. It's like dipping your toes in the water, enlisting expert guidance immediately from the comfort of your home or office. With a BrandStorm, you'll walk away with clear answers to your questions and fresh product, brand, or marketing ideas you can put into action.

Are you yearning to truly grasp the essence of your business or to solidify a flood of budding ideas so you can shape it into a tangible reality? BrandDive offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a day of profound discovery, backed by the insights of two seasoned experts in brand creation, productization, business development, and marketing. It's not a typical consultation…it's an emotional journey into the heart of your vision. In eight intensive hours, we collaboratively unravel the intricacies, demystify the hurdles, and chart a clear course forward. You won't leave with empty promises but with a toolbox of actionable ideas, a roadmap for growth, and a plan ready for immediate implementation. This is about your vision, your dream, and your unwavering commitment to making them come true. A BrandDive is your chance to step firmly into your future today.

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