Thank you for your interest in learning more about our monthly coaching program

If you are tired of shouldering every decision, exhausted by having to learn how to grow your business taking you out of your zone of expertise, Influence may be the support you’ve been dreaming of.

In our monthly deep dive topic calls, we'll guide you through defining your legacy, creating a business that works for you, and fostering sustainability. We'll empower you to amplify your leadership skills and replace the relentless hustle with knowing. But it's not just about business; we'll delve into the art of entrepreneurial self-care because your well-being is as important as your success.

We'll help you refine your ideas and take them to the next level. Say goodbye to second-guessing. Cultivate your leadership skills, empowering you to inspire and guide your team. Strike the balance between your work and personal life, ensuring you're thriving on all fronts.

Designed as a stand-alone program or as an add-on to support you as you go through our business development programs, Influence isn't just a coaching program; it's a sanctuary for entrepreneurs. A place where you can grow, learn, and transform alongside a community that truly cares. Experience the warmth of a program that knows you, supports you, and is invested in your success.

Influence is offered as a group and private mentoring program. Schedule a call to determine which is right for you.