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with Kim Castle

with Kim Castle

Certainty has never been so close.

Thank you for joining Kim Castle for our brand new program, Enabling Certainty. This 5-part coaching program picks up where we left off with our Creating Certainty talk and Activating Certainty exercise.

In this guided program, Kim leads you through 5 powerful principles that apply to you as a business creator as well as impacting your business, brand, and market development. The principles shared are easy to comprehend, though it’s the continuous application of them that takes practice. This is why we offer coaching and mentoring in combination with our process-led business and brand development and our done-for-you creative and marketing services.

We hope that this program strengthens ideas that you may already be applying or that it gives you a greater understanding of the power that you have in your capacity to create certainty, even in uncertain times like these.

You have access to this program until

May 25, 2024, at Midnight.

Offers shared:

Today, the pursuit of certainty isn't just a desire; it's a lifeline. The craving for assurance is more than a desire; it's a survival instinct. Certainty isn't about eliminating the unknown; it's about having the confidence to face it head-on. In an era where every decision feels like a high-stakes gamble, certainty emerges as the secret weapon, transforming ambiguity into clarity and hesitation into decisive action.

This is why we offer Certainty. This is the most cost-effective way to get our three decades of experience focused entirely on you. With Certainty, you get hands-on support working beside you on every step of growing your business, from stabilizing your foundation to developing your business plan, brand, and market. 

You get personalized guidance through our three core programs: Reliance, Market-Ready, and Driven, PLUS you receive a full-scale agency team to implement all the creative, website, SEO, and marketing done-for-you to grow your business. 

Certainty is a year-long private program that also includes; creative services, marketing management, website hosting, SEO, email marketing, social media posting, and all associated technology platforms. Certainty isn’t just a promise, it’s the way.

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Are you flooded with budding ideas to move your business forward? Are you struggling with what to do in the right order for your goals? Do you yearn to harness these ideas into a sold path to shape your vision into a tangible reality?

A BrandDive offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a full day of profound discovery, backed by the insights of two seasoned experts in brand creation, productization, business development, and marketing.

In eight intense hours, we collaboratively unravel the intricacies, demystify the hurdles, and chart a clear course unique to where you are today. 

You will leave with a laser-clear, instantly implementable map to move your business forward. You will know what to do now to get to where you want to go. 

A BrandDive is an 8-hour in person day.

Explore if a BrandDive is right for you.

Explore if Certainty is right for you.



Navigating the labyrinth of business decisions alone can be exhausting. The constant weight of all the decisions on your shoulders can feel overwhelming. You have expertise in your business, not how to grow your business. We understand. 

In addition to being founders and entrepreneurs ourselves, for the past 30 years, we’ve helped over 30,000 entrepreneurs refine their businesses, develop their brands, and become laser-clear on their path to confidently taking it out to the market. We know the things that can get in your way, trip you up, and make it difficult to move your business forward. Decision-making. Viability. Concern. Fear. Threading the financial needle. Moving quickly without compromising your values. Keeping your sanity and well-being intact while you turn the ‘unseen into reality.’

Sometimes you just need a trusted mentor's attention on the issues and decisions you are facing today so that you can confidently take your next step.

Influence Mentoring is 4 private calls a month. This program is a 3-month commitment, 

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Thank you for the opportunity to support you.

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