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By challenging the status quo, these topics inspire your growth as a business leader and foster a deeper understanding of complex ideas. Drawing insights from seasoned experts, these thought-leading discussions blend new ideas with practical wisdom.

Deeply Honest Conversations

In a world full of superficial interactions, genuine connections, and candid discussions offer the chance to discover the power of authenticity and the strength in vulnerability. Without fear or judgment of what you deeply feel. 

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Learning from other business leaders offers invaluable applied knowledge. Gain inspiration and actionable advice tailored to real-world sustainable growth challenges.

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Join us for drinks and refreshingly honest conversations and walk away with the support and knowledge you need to stabilize and grow a sustainable business today.

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Divorce-proofing Your Business

Divorce-proofing your business is essential to safeguard everything you've poured your heart into, nurturing it like a child. The emotional investment, countless hours, and sacrifices made to grow your business shouldn't be jeopardized by a personal upheaval. By strategically planning and protecting your business and assets before the messy emotions of divorce arise, you ensure that your hard work remains secure. This foresight allows you to focus on the continued success and growth of your venture, knowing that your dedication and efforts are protected regardless of personal circumstances, preserving the legacy you've built with care and passion.


Dana Bath

Aveo Capital, Cdfa®

A veteran of more than 30 years in the financial services industry as a licensed fiduciary and financial advisor with AVEO Capital, Dana Bath has spent the majority of her time specializing in wealth planning and management. Her focus as a CDFA® advisor opened her eyes to the nuanced strategy of asset protection in light of unfortunate divorce. As a skilled Financial Planner and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, she designs personalized financial strategies and guides clients through complex financial situations.


Kim Castle

Co-founder Brandom™ 

With 3 decades of working with founders and entrepreneurs, Brandom™ Co-founder Kim Castle is passionate about supporting women to harness the power of their experience and their unique way of providing solutions through business. With BrandU®, she brought the strategy of brand development out of advertising agencies and made it accessible for businesses of any size. As an award-winning, creative director, she has a unique ability to gracefully remove internal resistance and help her clients harness their experience and step into thought leadership. Her clients call her their ‘muse’ and beacon of shining a light on their path to a sustainable business, agency, certainty, and self-reliance.





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